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I am weighed down by
The heaviness of rain
Like a fallen umbrella
Tossed in city streets
Sewer side.

How do you say goodbye to a man called
Who has taken me from orphan to mother?
The first time took me by surprise.
A dark hospital chamber,
A phone call with a broken voice.

The little girl stuffed her sobs
And tasted the bile of grief
For years to follow.

This time I have a chance to say goodbye,
But how?
A kiss and a peck and a hug around the neck?

Have you ever touched the underside of a white lily?
The nape of its neck?
Days falling endlessly into the future.
The roses are in bloom,
The birth of Spring.
Life opens and closes in the wink of an eye.

Where did yesterday go?

The part of you in me will never die
But blossoms and resurrects
In the tiny buds of my children.

Where did yesterday go?

When you threw me from your mighty shoulders
Into the sea?

Alas, we thought you’d never fall.

Wild horses couldn’t break you.
Still, the heart pours forth,
With raging fist,
In the tunnel of silence,
We felt your solitude,
But could not join you there.

Still, the heart pours forth,
In a bell jar.

Have you ever looked at a man’s hands?
What do you see in his lifetime, his lifeline?

I will always remember your hands.
Hands that worked the earth.
Hands that pumped the milk of life.
And brought forth life.
And later butchered and quartered
The meat of death…
Laying hands on all states of the carcass.
Hands so fragile to gather eggs.
Hands so hardy to sew the fields.
Hands so skillful to fashion leather and wood.
Hands rough hewn to withstand the elements,
But too worthy to sift soap for the legal tender.
Hands of milk and manure.

Like David, singled out from the sheep.
Man of the earth,
Salt of the earth.
An unlikely king,

When you lay your body down,
The great kelipat nogah,
"The translucent shell,"
Will you be there for me?

You were there for me in the beginning.
Ringside of the madness called life.

Where you are going is the place called
Paradise much purer than any space on earth.
Where white lilies grow like days falling endlessly into the future.

Where matter relents
And surrenders to the great mother of
Where the history of the body
Trades places
With the territory of the soul
Where the geist dwells in the house of the Lord.

You were there for me in my beginning.
I will be there for you in your end.
Your end is my beginning.
Will you take me with you?
On that fantastic voyage?

Will you watch over me?
Will you talk to me in my sleep?

Will you wait for me on the other side?
We will all be together again, my Dear Father.

Love never dies, but resurrects
Again and again.